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Can I create my own Wall Art image?

Yes! You can upload your own image, and have it printed either in full colour or a choice of 2 edits – black and white or Sepia. Once photo has been uploaded to website, a drop box will come down and give you an option if you would like to add any text/feature colour to your picture.


Can I choose a custom size not listed on your website?

We can produce our acrylic art to most sizes, so if the size you want is not listed on our website then please contact us through the contact us page and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


What is the best size for my image?

This is dependent on the size of Wall Art you are looking to purchase, put simply, the larger the size of your finished Wall Art, the larger the file size your image should be.

We have an image quality checker within our virtual preview, which will alert you of a low quality image that may result in poor print quality. Our image checker is set to flag up any image 1000 pixel by 1000 pixel or smaller in size. A simple example of a low quality image would be one downloaded from Facebook; although it looks good on screen it may not look such good quality as Wall Art. 

Note: - all our library images are above 1000 pixel by 1000 pixel and therefore are high quality/clarity produced as acrylic Wall Art. 


What is the maximum file size I can upload?

Our virtual uploader can accept Jpeg, png, jpg and gif file sizes up to 20mb.  Please be aware that images of this size can take a long time to upload, depending on the speed of your internet connection.  If you are having problems uploading an image please contact us for advice.


What file format do you accept?

Our virtual uploader can accept Jpeg, png, jpg and gif files. If you are unable to save your files as this or have Vector images you wish to have created as Wall Art please contact us for a different method of upload.


Is my image quality good enough?

We will alert you if your image is not of sufficient quality for print production. We won’t stop you though, so please bear this in mind, as this is only a guide.


Red Eye/Date Removal?

We can remove red eye and dates from your uploaded image, we will do this free of charge, but you will need to notify us of this within the comment box which can also be used for any other changes and spot colour requests.


Will my Wall Art fade over time?

We print using only high quality Roland UV Cured inks that have vigorously been tested giving them an exceptional fade free lifespan.


Are your Wall Art images made to order?

Yes, every Wall Art image is made especially according to the customer’s own requirements. We do not have any off the shelf products and we pride ourselves on our workmanship. 


Does my Wall Art come ready to hang?

Our Wall Art comes complete with fixing posts.  The fixing posts come in silver, gold and black and can be chosen at the point of creating your Wall Art.


How many coasters do I get in a set?

You will receive a pack of 4 coasters, all come with a felt back and packaged in a see through box.


Can I have 4 different images on my set of coasters?

No, all coasters will be 4 of the same selected image.


Can I order a box of coasters to use as promotional material?

Of course, please email info@wallartimages.co.uk with your question, and we can put together a trade price for you.


Trade Printing

We offer the best prices to all our customers.